Welcome to La Rioja Spanish School!

La Rioja Spanish School

La Rioja Spanish School is an spanish learning centre located in La Rioja (Spain) where you can find a wide range of courses at all levels, both in the classroom and online.

Our teachers will work to give you a personalized answer to your needs. In addition, from the school we promote a large number of activities aimed at helping you to enjoy one of the regions with the greatest cultural, gastronomic and environmental wealth in Spain.

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Roseanne Chen

“When I arrived I did not understand any Spanish. From the beginning, they explained to me in English while I couldn’t understand what they were saying in Spanish, little by little I have learned to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish. ”

Sarah Gucker

“Everything went very well, the teachers have helped me a lot with my Spanish. Also, I met many friends from different countries of the world. ”

Maureen y David Boxer

“The teachers at the school are good. At first it was a little difficult to understand the accent, but after the first class it was not a problem. We really like the possibility of being able to interact with the teachers at all times, they are very flexible in that regard. ”

Actividades 1

“Let’s talk”

Every Thursday we meet at the school to talk about topics we find interesting, to listen to music or to play at different boardgames.

Free Activity. *Only on Thursdays.

Actividades 2

Logroño stroll

One Saturday every month we take a guided tour in the most emblematic places in the city and we visit Laurel Street of Logroño.

Free Activity. 


La Rioja Spanish School offers a wide range of Spanish courses for all language levels; both for individuals wishing to start learning Spanish and for existing students who would like to improve their command of the language.